I have been down this road many times before.
The road that separates dreams from reality, wishes from goals, and hopes from plan.
The road that many dread to thread and many more give up halfway because, they lack patient, they fear the outcome, they don’t think they are ready, they’d rather wallow and be contented in the intermittent gratifications, than endure the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with building anything tangible from scratch.

Its not an easy road to walk.
Its a lonely road, the extra mile with no traffic, yet, the longest and irksome to destination arrival.

Its a complicated journey because, your spirit sees things you’re not seeing.
Your mind wonders through many places, while physically, you’re fighting many battles that comes your way.

I could be one of those who give up in the face of frustrations, but then I ask myself; what chance have I, if I throw in the towel?
The answer is usually, none.

When my vision, once crystal clear, becomes an optical illusion, when am faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, I close my eyes so tight, causing wrinkles on my eyelids, and I try to recall why I once started, the faces of those who told me I can’t, then i try to choose between achieving my dreams and shining in the light that it will bring, or brokenly looking into the eyes of people who will say; “I told you so.”

So, I pick myself back up after every fall.
I build my faith again, after every fear.
I free myself from the shackles of mistakes I make along the corridors of my dreams.
I inspire my spirit after every doubt.
I become my fan base and cheer leader when everyone is gone and am left alone.
Grand slam after grand slam, I’d rather die trying than quit or settle for less.

In my past trips on this road, when I’ve exhausted all options and hope seems frail, somewhere, somehow, like a ray of light piercing through a tiny hole on the roof and causing darkness to make way for illumination, my dreams come true and soothe the pains of aspiration and make life worth living.

But one thing is certain about this road; there are no laid down principles for easy navigation.
You learn on the job!

No matter how many times you’ve succeeded or failed on it, you’re never competent enough to go through it again without hiccups.

It is the road to stardom.
The road that makes kings, heroes and valiant.
The road to attaining every worthwhile dream!
The road where only your will determines whether you pull through or pull back.

It is the maps less road!

~Ima-obong Uboh

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