Don’t Give Up!

Once you’ve hit rock bottom, you’re faced with two options; either you bounce to the top, or you stay down. Choose to bounce to the top.

Rather than crash down and stay down like some bunch of debris, like a ball, take advantage of the speed at which you hit the bottom and bounce back atop, only this time, stay up.

The journey to the bottom can be so frustrating and demoralizing, that giving up on yourself and beliefs can be an option, don’t take it!

Every successful and unsuccessful person has been in a hopeless state, the will to rise is what makes the difference. It’s in the moments that you think you can’t, you must realise that you can.

It’s OK to pray that things be different, but if they don’t, DON’T GIVE UP! Even Christ prayed that his cup of agony be taken away, but still, he persevered.

Don’t say; why me? Say; why not me?

You’re not equal, but greater than every challenge life throws you and guess what? The tougher the challenge, the greater the glory when you surpass.

People will deny, disassociate, betray and abandon you, don’t be bothered, Christ was!

Hustle in silence, gnash your teeth, groan, go hungry and clothe less, bear the pains, shame, humiliation, disappointment, frustration, mockery, gossip.

There’s a comeback for every setback, a vindication for every wrong, a new beginning for every disappointment.

Your setback is a setup for a step up, DON’T GIVE UP!

Stay focused, optimistic, relentless, bold, confident.

One day, those who laugh at you will laugh with you.

Those who know your story will be witnesses to the fact that, hard work, persistence, commitment and self-belief, pay.

Those who don’t know your story will call you lucky.

They will envy the glory, with no idea of the story.

You’ll rise up once its time up for your pains so, DON’T GIVE UP!