Who ever authored this quote was a classic mediocre.
A person who in acceptance of his seemingly insurmountable limitations, counted on those words to feel better.
To not feel like a loser, but a winner when actually he failed on his purpose.

Challenge is, not only did he settle for less than he deserved, over the years, his adage has encourage millions to do same.

Truth is;
“If you think that you can, you’re right. If you think that you can’t, you’re right!”

Mindset is everything!

If you believe that you deserve and can have the full loaf, your brain gets to work, fashioning out ideas and techniques you need, to get what you want.
You’ll be ready to patiently go through the process, deal with the hiccups that will be associated with your size of full loaf.
This way, you’re able to see beyond the impossibility, into the actions that you require to acquire.

If you think that it’s okay to settle for less than you deserve, that half a loaf is your limitation and you’re fine with it, your brain relaxes.
So rather than your brain working to create something out of nothing, it begins to see reasons why you should be complacent.

And there goes an average person. Only, these same persons wakes up five(5) years later wondering how far they would have gone had they not settled at the slightest threat, or for some instant gratifications.

I’m never a “half a loaf” kind of girl.
For me, it is all or all.

In fact, I want the bakery, the company that produces the flour, the street that the bakery is located, and what have you?

I want it so bad, I’ll get it so good.
I always do because nothing can deter the firm resolve of a determined mind.

It’s not coming to me cheap, nothing good does.
I will put in the work, to proof that am worthy of it.

So let me reiterate;
Whatever you do, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Keep pushing for the best!

~Ima-obong Uboh

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