Someone smarter than you will be hired for the job Someone you’re prettier than, will win the cute guy’s heart.

Someone you write better than, will be Author of a bestseller.

Someone you sing or dance better than, will have a larger audience than you.

Someone you’re more beautiful than, will win the beauty pageant.
Someone whose skills or talents, yours are better than, will be preferred over you.

Someone with lesser achievements than you, will earn recognitions and promotions.
Some brand that offers less than yours will have a higher patronage.
The team with a poorer formation, will win the game.

When life prefers someone over you, it doesn’t mean you’re disadvantaged or not good enough, it simply means it’s their time to shine.
So, rather than feel relegated and discouraged, be inspired to do much more.

In life, some times you’ll loose not because you failed, but because, time and chance played out.

Someone said; “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.”
So while you may be sulking over being walked over, you might actually be on your way to something greater, if you’d rather move on positively.

Someone said; “delay is not denial.”
Its probably delayed, not because it won’t be delivered but because, its accumulating and will be delivered big time.

Rather than envy or blackmail some one who is preferred over you, understand that every dog has it’s day, and if you stay on course, your day is inevitable.

So regardless of your audience size, clientele base, patronage, recognition or fame, keep working, grinding, training, dreaming, practicing, writing, impacting and achieving.

Stay ready, so you won’t have to get ready, for every dog has it’s day!

~Ima-obong Uboh

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