TRASMIN is the acronym for “Travellers Sensitization and Mediation Initiative”. It is a Non-Governmental Organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja with Registration No. CAC/IT/No 98502.

TRASMIN’s website is a platform created for all Nigerian travellers to air their views, proffer suggestions and make inputs necessary to improve the Nigerian transportation system. It is a platform for all stakeholders in the sector to take advantage of; identify the loopholes that have been impeding efficient transportation system and consequently enact and articulate the positions and actions necessary for improvement.

Miss ima-Obong Uboh, Chief Executive Officer
Miss ima-Obong Uboh, Chief Executive Officer


TRASMIN was founded in March 2014 to right the multifarious wrongs in the transportation sector of the country. It is the need to partner with critical stakeholders to nib in the bud incidences of avoidable mishaps in our nation’s transportation system that informed and inspired the formation of the organization.


  • Travellers Sensitization on the road, air, rail, water traffic laws and traveller’s right.
  • Mediation in the event of risk factors; to ensure proper insurance coverage and compensation in a bid to reduce litigation rates among stakeholders.
  • Provision and maintenance of traffic signs and other facilities in the sector.
  • Maintenance of roads, rail, aviation, seaport facilities to facilitate efficient transportation delivery.
  • Monitoring and promotion of quality, efficient and affordable transportation services.
  • Advocacy, training, sensitization.

TRASMIN considers her roles necessary towards achieving a world-class transportation system and has invariably laid out strategies towards the attainment of her objectives.


The mission of the organization is to partner Government Organizations, Corporate bodies and all Nigerians, towards achieving a sustainably efficient transportation system That is devoid of abuse and hazards. This mission seeks a quality, efficient and affordable transportation system that reduces risk factors on all fronts and serves the need of all stakeholders.