A Call-to-Action, A Clarion Call

Great Nigerian travellers,

Congratulations for grabbing this mandate to effect the change due us.

As a Nigerian traveller, you have undoubtedly faced numerous challenges & limitations the sector has suffered. Challenges like:

  • Delay and cancellation of flights without any form of compensation.
  • Harassment by motor park touts.
  • Loss of luggage at the airport &motor parks.
  • Poor service delivery and customer service by airlines/road transport companies.
  • Avoidable accidents, loss of loved ones to death and life-changing injuries as a result of untrained/reckless drivers and bad roads.

For these reasons and others, don’t hesitate to share your travelling experiences on this platform, to the awareness of this community, to enable us to solve the situations in your area. We hope you’re active and invite friends onboard.

Once again, you’re welcome.

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